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PRINZ chainsaw technology: meeting the challenges in sawing

As a leading Austrian company in chainsaw technology, PRINZ has been developing and producing crosscut saws, accessories and wearing parts for professional use since 1947.

All from the one source.

As the sole complete supplier in the chainsaw business, PRINZ recognises the needs of its customers and guarantees individual solutions for all areas of chainsaw technology. PRINZ does not just supply the machines and the relevant accessories, but also cutting equipments for all chainsaw manufacturers – all from the one source in the familiar high PRINZ quality, because customer satisfaction is paramount.

Not just wood.

Machine saws from PRINZ cut far more than just wood. Paper, soft stone, gypsum plates, plastic or brickwork – the robust and durable PRINZ chainsaw technology is a real must for materials that demand much of the machines and their wearing parts.

PRINZ international.

Machines and accessories made by PRINZ are sold successfully throughout the world. PRINZ endorses an export quota of more than 90%. Not just throughout Europe, but in North America, Africa and Asia as well, there are satisfied customers happy to use the products of PRINZ chainsaw technology.

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