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Plastic Saws

Mobile Saws

PRINZ mobile saws are especially suited for cutting plastic pipes and other formed parts. They are mobile and ready for use anywhere thanks to their compact construction. The cutting equipment is guided by 2 stabilisers working separately ensuring a plane and smooth cutting finish also at high cutting performance. A second enabling switch guarantees maximum safety.

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Special solutions

PRINZ special solutions are used everywhere, where common saws are no longer sufficient. The machines are planned and constructed according to the customer’s specifications. Diameters of more than 2.000 mm can be cut exactly and of highest quality. There are many control options that can be adapted to the given requirements.

They are used, for example, as extrusion tube saw or for blocks of solid pipe.

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Saws for solid and hollow pipes

For the production area PRINZ offers stationary cutting units with those high-precision cutting at high processing times is easily possible. We take advantage of a decade-long experience in building precise cutting systems and combine it with the development and elaboration of the saws for cutting plastic. As stand-alone solutions, they are working independently from existing production plants.

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Cutting equipments and accessories