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PMS 25

PMS 25

The Handy, self driving wall saw for larger jobs

The PRINZ Wall Saw PMS 25 was developed due to narrow spaces that may appear during wall sawing prcess.

It is a useful alternative to the “big” PMS 50-type and absolutley powerful enough for most demanda. Little weight and compact size allows transportation in station wagons.

Technical Data

Power supply Three phase 400V/ 16 A secured by CEE-connector plug 5 x 16 A, motor-protection circuit breaker with emergency shutoff function, earthing contact socket outlet, 50 Hz
Cutting motor 2,2kW/ 1400 RPM (Spure-gear-drive)
Engine advance 0,18kW/ 3 RPM (Worm-drive-gear)
Cutting depth to 100cm
Cutting height min. 24mm, max. 420mm
Weight kg ca. 210
Length/ Width/ Height 1050 mm / 800 mm / 710 mm
Frame Weldment, 50cm-guide bar fully sinkable in the machine
Guide bars lenghts cm 50cm, 60cm, 80cm,, 100cm
Saw chains HMS20./2
Article Number 006/A (without guide bar, chain)

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